A joyful sense at Work

The 2017 edition of the Saloni furniture Show is not only a showcase of products and companies.
In fact it also brings innovative proposals and keys of interpretation of the current context.
In particular, “A Joyful Sense at Work” curated by architect Christian Cutrona had the aim of focusing on the relationship between work and happiness, seeing the office as a place for deep man’s realization.
Man, with his real needs, his emotions, his experiences is placed at the center of this process.
“The title is related to the concept – explains the curator -.
The work and professional activity of the future must ‘make sense’ of things and relationships, create a new quality of life, produce emotions and happiness. ”
In an area of approximately 1,600 square meters, 4 famous and renowned architecture studios -one per cardinal point- were chosen, as this new concept of the office environment declines according to their culture.