Armrest 397

Bracciolo 397

From SBS R&D arrives the new 2D armrest 397.

After the line of armrests +D, that comes in many variations and possible applications, SBS developed this new armrest in pursuit of greater simplicity and intuitiveness of use by the end user.

In fact, the height adjustment is with an up & down system, without any key or regulation device, while for the width adjustment an intuitive quick release lever is used (or, alternatively, a handwheel).

The design is modern and neutral, with an inclination of 12°.

The strength of the new arm lies in its compatibility with standard seats.

In fact, for standard seats inclined armrests are in general problematic, their inclination makes them move forward with respect to the fixing point making actually less comfortable the usage of the chair in front of a desk.

Unlike all the other inclined armrests the armrest 397, instead, thanks to its revolutionary fixing plate, allows to move 35mm back the armrest starting point, making its position perfect even with the standard seats.

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