ATENEA: new colours, new style

New colours and finishings available now for Atenea, the versatile chair design by Rafa Ortega.
With these news Atenea becomes even more flexible and suitable for any contract solution.

A joyful sense at Work

The 2017 edition of the Saloni furniture Show is not only a showcase of products and companies.
In fact it also brings innovative proposals and keys of interpretation of the current context.
In particular, “A Joyful Sense at Work” curated by architect Christian Cutrona had the aim of focusing on the relationship between work and happiness, seeing the office as a place for deep man’s realization.
Man, with his real needs, his emotions, his experiences is placed at the center of this process.
“The title is related to the concept – explains the curator -.
The work and professional activity of the future must ‘make sense’ of things and relationships, create a new quality of life, produce emotions and happiness. ”
In an area of approximately 1,600 square meters, 4 famous and renowned architecture studios -one per cardinal point- were chosen, as this new concept of the office environment declines according to their culture.

490 Arms line – few components, plenty of solutions

SbS is glad to introduce the latest armrest line, the 490.
The line includes 1 arm body, the item 490 with 3 different pads and a seat bracket (for the optional width regulation).
With this line our customer can offer from 1D arm with hard pad up to 3D pad with soft pad, always with the same look.
A modern look, an inclined arm with a stylish design and a fluid action, robust and reliable.

490 is the ideal stock solution: just 5 elements that combined can offer every type of adjustable arm.

SbS – Seating’s Best Solutions.


CLASS Executive armrest

CLASS is a range of high end office seating.
This programme is from several years a best seller product, well known on the market for its excellent durability and for the recycled materials used (like for example the back inner in 100% recycled wood).
The range offers many configurations: operative seating, semi-directional seating, conference seating and visitor seating.
With the new upholstered armrest the range CLASS can now be used in executive office spaces.
The version with headrest and upholstered armrest is in fact a product suitable for the modern manager office.

Workplace 3.0

Salone del Mobile 2015 is about to close.
Inside this Salone edition the 2015 Salone Ufficio has taken place, completely renewed starting from the same name “Workplace 3.0”.
In the pavilions 22 and 24 of the prestigious Milan Fair Center in Rho one of the main focus has been the installation designed by Michele De Lucchi “The Walk”, an iconic representation on the office space evolution.
A space «neither open space nor closed room», says De Lucchi, «a flexible space, a communication platform made of relational zones and more private zones, micro-architectures, small compartments to come and go in total freedom and to retreat to work undisturbed. The new generation office is an environment where you can be alone or with others, make an individual phone call or group meetings. Depending on the task, you are free to choose whether to stay in the closed, semi-closed or open area; on an ottoman, a more formal seating or even relaxed on the couch».
Inside the Workplace 3.0 the selected visitors have also appreciated the new operative chairs that SBS has developed in collaboration with some clients.
SBS Sales Dept. is at your disposal for further info.

Frame with arms 280

The new frame with arms 280 is a steel structure with a “minimal” style.
The frame is compatible with almost all SBS product lines, and with the main standard seats available on the market.
The 280 frame is the ideal solution for completing the range of product offering a waiting version with an exclusive and classy feel.
The product is also suitable for meeting rooms.

The 280 frame can easily stack and it is available in finishing chromed, white coated and grey (aluminum) coated.

Bracciolo 397

Armrest 397

From SBS R&D arrives the new 2D armrest 397.

After the line of armrests +D, that comes in many variations and possible applications, SBS developed this new armrest in pursuit of greater simplicity and intuitiveness of use by the end user.

In fact, the height adjustment is with an up & down system, without any key or regulation device, while for the width adjustment an intuitive quick release lever is used (or, alternatively, a handwheel).

The design is modern and neutral, with an inclination of 12°.

The strength of the new arm lies in its compatibility with standard seats.

In fact, for standard seats inclined armrests are in general problematic, their inclination makes them move forward with respect to the fixing point making actually less comfortable the usage of the chair in front of a desk.

Unlike all the other inclined armrests the armrest 397, instead, thanks to its revolutionary fixing plate, allows to move 35mm back the armrest starting point, making its position perfect even with the standard seats.

For more info please visit our COMPONENTS section or feel free to contact our Sales Dept.