Aida in Class A

Our AidaUp and AidaPro kits are certified according to UNI EN 1335:2020 – Class A.
It can be done!

We have achieved an ambitious goal, among the first manufacturers of office chair kits…

Bringing our kits to Class A has been an exciting and challenging process.
We collaborated with Catas on one side and our production team on the other, implementing step-by-step adjustments that were small but significant, ultimately allowing us to reach the finish line.

The result is two kits, one with upholstered backrest and the other with a mesh backrest, objectively of higher quality than the previous standards available on the market.

Certainly, we’ve been gaining a valuable experience that enables us to assist our customers in overcoming this challenge.


P.S. to the SbS team: Thank you for your dedication, guys… congratulations!

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