Circular Economy and Recycling

Circular economy is one of the solutions to the global challenges we are facing today, including climate change, resource scarcity, and environmental pollution.

It is a “responsible” approach to the production of “quality” items designed to last over time. The “use and throw” consumerism is no longer sustainable, and resource conservation is an imperative for economic and environmental sustainability.
The goal, therefore, is to redesign and “modernize” a system where resources are used efficiently, and products are designed to last as long as possible, and then repaired, reused, or recycled, in this exact order of preference.

Sustainable design interprets and embodies the principles of this circular economy through design that aims to reduce waste and regenerate resources.
Recycling raw materials, a topic we will address in an upcoming post, is an operation that involves a energy and resources at its turn.
Therefore, refurbishment and reuse are more environmentally favorable options.
It is essential to prioritize repairing and/or refurbishing products first and only consider disassembly and recycling in a subsequent phase.
This aspect is critical because it implies a different cultural orientation, both at the corporate and individual levels, to embrace the idea of consuming more responsibly by choosing high-quality items.
In the short term, this choice typically represents a form of “investment,” both for consumers and companies, in favor of reliable and durable products.

Our KitFit® System offers office furniture manufacturers reliable and long-lasting office chair kit solutions within the framework of the circular economy.
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