News from Orgatec 2022

We’re glad to share first impressions and comments, the “notes” from our team who visited Orgatec 2022.
Orgatec, the leading European trade fair for office furniture, is back “live” after 3 virtual editions …


  • We perceived a lot of energy among the exhibitors and visitors, a great desire to look to the future with courage and confidence.
  • We have rediscovered the pleasure of seeing, touching and trying the novelties proposed by the exhibitors.
  • We have found new concepts and products created by courageous and resilient companies, which look to the future with courage and confidence.
  • We lived an experience rich in content and suggestions, despite the absence of some big companies (Vitra, Herman Miller ..).


Well, let’s go straight to the heart of the show.
What’s the main recognizable concepts and the megatrends of this edition Orgatec 2022?

HYBRID OFFICE – The key concept of the fair is certainly the “hybrid office”.
The pandemic has changed the way we work both at home and in the office.
The office then becomes an hybrid place, where there are less fixed workstations (the “traditional” office we used to have) and more and more spaces dedicated to teamwork, co-working, and the exchange of information both in person and remotely.
Modularity, reconfigurability, dynamism are the keywords of the hybrid office concept, where the focus is also on acoustics and lighting.
Technology is more and more integrated to guarantee participation for meetings in hybrid mode.
Co-working spaces are welcome, such as this system of benches and tables on wheels, with integrated multimedia units, which allow themed meetings distributed in presence / remotely.

Acoustic booths and separators to create small workstations, such as our products Walls and Oasis products, have also proved to be a key factor in the hybrid office.

Coworking is also carried out in more informal environments such as this:

Less form more contents.
Maybe products less tecnical and more intuitive as these workplaces are not meant to be used for the usua 8 hours on 5 days/week working.


The “hybrid” products that interpret the concept “less is more”, that is simplicity as an added value. below Se: air by Sedus 

or D-Chair from Narbutas disegn by Baldanzi Novelli:

Lounge chairs, for moments of relaxation and privacy, such as Kate by Ilpo design and our Nidà 65:

Another mega-trend we noticed is about task chairs that offer an elastic movement of both seat and back.
This is a feature that we did not appreciate that much and that, after trying several chairs available, we believe has not solid ergonomic bases.

Below Toleo by Viasit, one of the various chairs designed by Martin Ballendat exhibited at Orgatec

In the stand of Famo and Dile, nominated as “the best at Orgatec”, the “Skena” chair presents an innovative 2D asymmetrical lumbar support, that is to say adjustable in height and depth. It is a concept developped by an authoritative ergonomic study, which we will discuss shortly on our blog.


The fair is, by definition, the place where companies perform. Materials and colors become protagonists and indicate trends. The neutral colors are clear and contrasting, ti bring out the objects dressed in bright colours or pastel shades. The quality and sustainability of the fabrics are the “leitmotiv, an almost essential factor for a sustainable future.

In the colorful stand of FidiVi, colors fill the scene. Their recycled PE fabrics, such as Sealife from plastics recovered from the sea, dressed different products in various stands of the fair.


MBR (France) 14/11/2022
I completely agree with this analysis of the Orgatec show. Indeed, there is a general positive momentum despite the recent and current difficult circumstances. Which I hope predicts a better future! All the brands have offered an ever newer approach to the so-called "open-space" by offering a set of products and accessories for the development of hybrid workspaces. We were able to observe modular products to improve the ability of our spaces to adapt to collaboration needs. Indeed, forced by teleworking, offices are gradually becoming secondary workspaces, meeting points and interactivite places for employees. These movements allow designers to develop more “home-like” products with careful design and comfort. In summary, I am delighted to have been able to participate to this event since it draws a clear line on the future of the world of furniture. It sheds light on both designer products and interior designers, on what they shall look for. ---- original message Je partage complètement cette analyse du salon Orgatec. En effet, on observe une dynamique générale positive malgré les circonstances difficiles récentes et actuelles. Ce qui j'espère prédit un avenir meilleur ! L'ensemble des marques ont proposé une approche toujours plus nouvelle du dit "open-space" en proposant un ensemble de produits et accessoires accès pour le développement d'espaces de travail hybrides. Nous avons pu observer des produits modulaires pour améliorer la capacité de nos espaces à s'adapter aux besoins de collaboration. Effectivement, forcés par le télétravail, les bureaux deviennent progressivement des espaces de travail secondaires, soit des points de rencontre et d'interactivité pour les salariés. Ces mouvements permettent aux designers de développer des produits plus « home like » au design et au confort soignés. En résumé, je suis ravie d'avoir pu participer à cet événement puisqu'il trace une ligne claire sur l'avenir du monde du mobilier. Il éclaire tant les produits des designers que les architectes d'intérieur sur les aliments à viser.
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