News from Salone del mobile 2024

Our team has been visiting this latest and exciting edition of the Salone del Mobile.
Below, we share with you the notes on the main attractions and the key comments about the fair.


The 2024 Milan Furniture Fair presented a futuristic and innovative vision of design and furnishing. The event was characterized by a deep fusion of technology for environmental sustainability and contemporary aesthetics, offering visitors an extraordinary and immersive experience, rich in sometimes bold ideas.


The dominant concept was sustainability, with a particular emphasis on the use of recycled materials and reducing environmental impact.

The interconnection between design and technology was another key trend, with many companies presenting smart furniture and objects integrated with advanced digital functionalities.

Furthermore, there is a growing correlation between work and home spaces. Furniture proposals for offices increasingly reflect the comfort and welcoming atmosphere of home environments.


Among the new products presented, multifunctional and adaptable furnishings stand out, designed to meet the needs of constantly evolving living spaces.

Acoustic booths were also a prominent category at the fair, with the integration of technologies to improve comfort and usability. Additionally, products made with innovative and sustainable materials were highlighted, in response to consumers’ growing environmental awareness.


The colors and materials presented reflected an interest in nature and the environment, with earthy and organic tones dominating the scene. Shades of green (sage, olive, mint), earth tones (ochre, mustard, brick), along with blush and ivory, dominated the collections at the show.

Natural wood and recycled metal took center stage in the furniture proposals, giving spaces a warm and welcoming atmosphere. At the same time, innovative solutions emerged, such as the use of biodegradable and recycled materials, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the design and furnishing industry.

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